A Comparison of Anonymous Email Systems

In the table below, we compare a few of the more popular anonymous email systems. We know the list does not include every system or every feature.  However, if you feel we have left out an important system or feature, please contact us by email to tell us about it. We will include it if we can.

Anonymous Email Systems
Feature Cost per year Link Encryption Protocol User Interface Server Location Traffic Obfuscation
Anonymouse Free None HTTP Web Germany MixMaster
Anonymous Speech € 59.95 SSL SMTP Your email client Panama None
Cotse.Net Free SSL HTTP Web US MixMaster
Neomailbox $69.95 SSL HTTP
Web or Your email client Netherlands None
Novo Ordo Free SSL HTTP Web Switzerland MixMaster
Privacy Offshore Contact for quote SSL HTTP Web or Your email client Holland, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Malaysia None
Sharpmail Free SSL HTTP Web UK None
TheAnonymousEmail Free SSL HTTP Web US None