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A Guide to Secure Email Related Products


There are quite a few programs available to help you with securing you email. Of course we prefer open source software because it is likely to have been more thoroughly tested. There are also quite a few service providers who can help you with transmitting either encrypted or anonymized email.

The programs and services below are listed as a public service and do not constitute a recommendation or endorsement. It is suggested you review the Snake Oil Warning Signs before deciding on a product or implementation.

If you spot any significant errors or omissions, please send us an email to bring them to our attention.

Encryption Software

Here is an assortment of file encryption programs:

  • CryptoForge Encryption Software CryptoForge uses four strong (symmetric) cryptographic algorithms to protect your information. For Windows only.
  • The GNU Privacy Guard is the GNU project’s complete and free implementation of the OpenPGP standard.
  • PGP Corporation offers a range of products and a software development kit based on the popular PGP algorithms.
  • TrueCrypt is “Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows Vista/XP/2000 and Linux.”

Secure Email Transmission

Many secure email systems also offer anonymity so some service providers are listed under both categories.

  • AnonymousSpeech offers PGP Secure Email on a subscription basis.
  • provides a ree secure web-based Email service.
  • CryptoHeaven is a subscription service geared to individuals and businesses.
  • Enigmail is an extension to the mail client of Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla Seamonkey which allows users to access the authentication and encryption features provided by GnuPG.
  • Hushmail has several free and subscription services as well as pluggins for popular email readers.
  • KeptPrivate, Secure email that is reliable and easy to use.
  • Novo Ordo, Sub Rosa secure email.
  • Privacy Offshore , encrypted offshore email.
  • S-Mail provides high-level protection for emails on the Internet. A subscription is required after the trial period.
  • stealth message is a free, secure email system located in British Columbia. Web based. Requires a (free) account for advanced features.

For a feature by feature comparison of most of the above services, see our Comparison of Secure Email Systems page.

Anonymous Email

Anonymous email is usually accomplished by using a service that anonymizes and forwards your messages. Here is a list of a few service providers:

For a feature by feature comparison of most of the above services, see our Comparison of Anonymous Email Systems page.

Security Software

The biggest threat to your communication security may be on your own computer. Here are some products that may help.