Privacy Policy

Novo Ordo exists to protect your privacy.

Our server is located in Switzerland where privacy is protected by law.

We avoid the collection of personal information whenever possible.

No information on the legal use of this service by any user is sold, forwarded, traded, or intentionally released in any way.

Your email is not read by humans or machines.

All email stored on our server is encrypted.  The keys are stored in a different jurisdiction than the server.

Email is not backed-up unless special arrangements are made.  There are no copies of your email.  It is recommended that you keep your own copies of important emails.

We will only keep the minimum of logs and debug information necessary to ensure that we can improve the service and resolve issues that may have occurred. These logs are typically kept for less than one week. We employ a state-of-the art security-centric design based on open source software which we make use of to provide the Service.