Using Sub Rosa Self-Destructing Email

Self-Destructing Email (SDE) is available only to Sub Rosa Secure Email subscribers.  It provides a means of sending messages to non-subscribers without the message leaving the security of the novo-ordo server.

Self-Destructing emails are not backed-up and cannot be retrieved once deleted.

The Email Interface

From you Sub Rosa account, send an email to:  This will work only for subscribers and you must send the email through the novo-ordo server.

Format the  subject line of the message as “subject line::recipient email address::days till expiration::optional password”.  The double colons (“::”) between fields are important and all fields must be present even if empty.

There may be only one recipient.

The maximum days to expire is 30.  Only numbers may be entered.

You may use encryption from your email client.


The message will always be deleted upon read.