Using Sub Rosa Self-Destructing Email

Self-Destructing Email (SDE) is available only to Sub Rosa Secure Email subscribers.  It provides a means of sending messages to non-subscribers without the message leaving the security of the novo-ordo server.

There are two ways to send SDE:

The Webmail Interface

Access Sub Rosa webmail as you usually do.  Click on “SDE” in the top line menu.  You will see a modified compose window.

Enter a single recipient email address and subject.  The recipient will receive an email that includes your subject line as clear text.

Select the maximum time the message can exist from the drop down menu.  The default is one day.

Select whether the message should exist until that time or be deleted immediately upon being read.  Delete on read is the default.

If you choose, you may password protect the message by entering a password and confirming it.  If you enter a password, it is your responsibility to communicate that password to the recipient.  It would be best to do this by some means other than email.  If you do not enter a password, the message can be retrieved by entering the random 10-digit number assigned to it.  (The retrieval page is protected against brute force number guessing.)

Enter the text of your message.

You may encrypt your message on the server if you have exchanged public keys with your recipient.  You may also encrypt your message on your own computer before entering which is even more secure.

Click “Send SDE” to send your self-destructing message.  The recipient will receive an email from you with your subject line and a message saying they have an SDE waiting on the Novo-Ordo server, how to read it and how much time they have before it is deleted.  You will be notified when it is read and/or deleted.

Self-Destructing emails are not backed-up and cannot be retrieved once deleted.

The Email Interface

From you Sub Rosa account, send an email to:  This will work only for subscribers and you must send the email through the novo-ordo server.

Format the  subject line of the message as “subject line::recipient email address::days till expiration::optional password”.  The double colons (“::”) between fields are important and all fields must be present even if empty.

There may be only one recipient.

The maximum days to expire is 30.  Only numbers may be entered.

You may use encryption from your email client.


The rest will work just like the webmail interface except the message will always be deleted upon read.