Subscribing to the Novo Ordo secure email service has been my favourite purchase decision of the year.  As a programmer and software business owner, I am fortunate to work with very smart colleagues, and together we must communicate our business plans, which often transpire through email.  Being a leader in our industry niche also makes us a target for corporate espionage email hacking. It may be difficult for you to even know that your email is being read, as most email hacking is a silent crime.  A safe bet is to simply subscribe to Novo Ordo secure email service for a nominal fee.  When I was looking for a secure email solution, I recognized the email system name “Novo Ordo”, and connected it to the book Cryptonomicon, and I guessed correctly in figuring that there may indeed be genius behind the scenes of the parent company Epiphyte LLC.  The team at Novo Ordo have both significantly improved the security of my business communication, and ongoing ward off criminal email hackers.

Paul Meriwether