Mixmaster Help

The mixmaster interface is a completely anonymous solution. Messages sent via this interface cannot even be traced back to novo-ordo. Use it responsibly. If you flood through it we will see the load on the server and terminate your account. If you spam through it, you risk getting it blocked by certain remailers and it will just stop working.

This interface wraps your message in layers of PGP encryption. Each remailer unwraps one layer then sends to the next one. In this way no one remailer knows the source, destination, and contents. The longer the chain you use, the more guaranteed the anonymity. But at the same time, the longer the chain, the less reliable the delivery. Remailers can be unreliable. There is no guarantee that every message sent will arrive at it's destination.

To use this, enter the address you wish to send e-mail, the from line you wish to have on the message (it is important that you read the part about from lines below), and the subject. Choose your remailers. You can choose any number of remailers from just one to a chain of up to five. Enter the message body, then click send. When the send is successful you will see a sent page. Wait for it! Do not click send again or you will put unnecessary load on the server.


The remailers are listed in the drop lists with some stats. Those stats are as follows:

Name: The name of the remailer.

Latency: Latency, in minutes:seconds means how long on average the remailer will hold onto the message before delivering it to the next remailer in line.

Uptime: Updated daily. This is a percentage. Obviously you want to use remailers with high uptime. I would choose 95% or better.

Middle: If you see this word next to a remailer it means that this remailer only operates in middleman mode. That means you can only use it in the middle of a chain. If you use it at the end, kiss your message good-bye, it will not be delivered.

From Lines:

Not all remailers support from lines. If you wish to use a custom from line rather than one the remailer chooses for you, you must select a remailer that supports custom from lines as the last remailer in the chain! Put your from line in this format: "John Smith" <john@domain.com>

Thanks, and happy remailing :)